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Agustin Parra was born in the city of Tepic, Nayarit on April 8, 1960, Eighth of 10 children, his parents Mr. and Mrs. Jose Parra Villalpando, Ma Del Refugio Partida Echauri.
Race Study Bachelor of Business Administration at the University of Guadalajara Atemajac Valley .
Student of High school for two years and the Master Cultural Cabañas Bribiesca. Student audidacta drawing, sculpture and painting of the great masters.
Awarded in 1998 by the newspaper OCHO COLUMNAS DE ORO for his merits as an indicator of the revival of Art Novo Hispanic.

Agustín Parra

About Us

Agustín Parra founded his own company in 1985 in the interest of producing the finest handmade pieces inspired by the style of New Spain.

His pieces made one by one taking care all existing traditional techniques seventeenth century but combined with new trends and design alternatives.

Produce a variety in Frames in different sizes and finishes, Consoles, Tables, Benches and cabinets and polychrome wooden sculptures hand stewed, horses and accessories complete his line.

Sheet silver and gold, crackle, ancient and modern colors are his favorite materials to finish their pieces.
Oil paintings full of color and genre revel in their joy and splendor its extensive line.

Hotels, Restaurants, Farms and Decorating Centers are all part of their exclusive list of clients.

The Government of the State of Jalisco and Crafts Institute Jalisciense give DISTINGUISHED CRAFTSMAN Recognition.

Painter, Sculptor, altarpiece, furniture Designer, prints his personal stamp on each of its parts.

His greatest achievement to design and manufacture the papal chair along with 35 pieces to mark the fourth visit of His Holiness John Paul II in 1999.

Considered by Fondo Cultural Banamex as Grand Master of Folk Art.

Develops in May of the same year the Second Shrine which houses the relics of the 27 Mexican martyrs.

Decoration to the visit of the Virgin of Zapopan, Autonomous University of Guadalajara and Anahuac Chapalita College in September 2001.

Appointed by the Mexican bishops conference VATICAN OFFICIAL SUPPLIER on January 10, 2002.

Honor and privilege to be invited to make the decoration and the furniture in the fourth visit of His Holiness John Paul II to Mexico City in January 1999.

Invited to the decoration and the furniture in the fifth visit of His Holiness John Paul II to Mexico City in July 2002.

Recognized as Distinguished Industrial Furniture Sector of Jalisco in 2002 by the board of industrial cameras Jalisco.

Again is considered for the furnishing and the Christ that is used by Pope Benedict XVI celebrated Mass on March 26 at Bicentennial Park in Silao Guanajuato as well as parts for the pontiff's stay in the Miraflores College where staying.